Ceremony Florals

When thinking about ceremony florals, Brides tend to think..

1. Arch

2. Asile florals

3. Maybe some petals to throw.

But there is so so much more that you could open your ceremony up to.

Bellow are images i’ve pulled from Pintrest to create a collection of interesting Ceremony ideas.


The Nest

The Nest, a low crescent moon shaped floral arrangement that wraps around the couple growing up from the ground. This is great because it does a great job of not over powering the couple whilst looking fab at the same time.

I like the use of a Nest especially when the ceremony is set with an amazing backdrop this allows you to frame the couple with florals whilst not obstructing the amazing view.

Aisle Meadows

I love love love a Aisle meadow. they can be as extravagant or as understated as you want. This for me makes the most beautiful ceremony, to have florals that drip down the aisle  and frame the bride as she walks down to her groom is so beautiful.